It’s been thirty-four years since we’ve heard from Bobby Pierce… and as he states: “It would take another thirty-four years to tell you where I’ve been”. Bobby Pierce comes from Columbus, Ohiowhere he studied piano from an early age and later developed a love for the Hammond organ. His talent grew under the watchful eyes and ears of Don Patterson among others. Later,he spent years playing in Chicago and NYC with masters like James Moody, Gene Ammonsand Eddie Harris.


Besides being an extraordinary pianist and organist, Bobby is an evocative song stylist who composes and arranges music in a myriad of settings. He currently lives in the LA area where he is active in Gospel, Jazz and Classical musical ensembles. I was fortunate to find Bobby Pierce a dozen or so years ago in Los Angeles and interviewed him. We’ve talked sporadically over the years but it wasn’t until April of this year that I got to meet him in person as we got to-gether for this recording session. I handed him a copy of his 1972 album, ‘Introducing Bobby  Pierce’ (Cobblestone 9016) and I asked him to autograph it for me. Why not? If I’m anything, I’m a jazz organ fan and one of the most thrilling jazz organists I’ve heard on recordhas been Bobby Pierce. To be able to produce a new recording session for Bobby was truly an honor. (Pete Fallico)