Jim Schmidt


Jim SchmidtJim Schmidt was born in Omaha Nebraska and moved to California at the age of nine.   Involvement with music started with early influences of rock stars such as Jimi Hendrix and Ian Andersen (Jethro Tull).  Attracted to the “Locomotive breath” tone of Ian Anderson’s flute, Jim began studying wind instruments.  Progressing into Jazz was a natural continuation his musical studies.  Jazz provided the depth of complexity and freedom of expression that has held Jim’s attention and kept him involved in the ever growing Jazz scene. Now the leader of “CLOUD 99”,  Jim’s band can be heard at any of several establishments in and around Fresno – usually in the Tower district.  Expect to hear some interesting crossing over into Funk and pop in the manner of predecessors such as Charlie Hunter, Medeski Martin & Wood etc.  Jim Schmidt and the ever changing members of “Cloud 99” like to stretch beyond traditional barriers and explore new avenues of music.  Is fun and that’s what jazz  is all about. http://users.gotsky.com/jimschmidt/cd.html