Eva Scow


evascow2Bio submitted by Eva Scow
Eva Scow, was born in Fresno, California to a Oaxacan mother and an American father. She began playing music at a young age, starting on the piano at age 4. Soon after, she began studying mandolin with Evo Bluestein and classical violin. She began playing in orchestras and various groups, exploring different kinds of music from bluegrass to Brazilian. In 2007 she released her debut CD as a co-leader with guitarist Dusty Brough "Sharon By the Sea." Eva is also a member of the contemporary jazz quartet Espacio, and the group Lyquid Amber with Hans York and Evo Bluestein. Eva has also recorded with the Anthony Wilson Nonet, and can be heard on their CD "The Power of Nine" which also features Diana Krall. She is equally at home in the classical, folk and jazz idioms.

Here's a quote from master musician Mike Marshall:
Eva is incredible... [she] has completely absorbed the Brazilian choro musical feel. She tears up all the classic tunes and can improvise with the best from the genre. It is very rare indeed and will be a joy to watch.

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