David Hull


hullBio submitted by David Hull

In public, David Hull might appear to be an unassuming character. But the short statured, long haired kid’s credits may look more like a musical circus than a resumé. As an international Dixieland piano performer, keyboardist for Hip-Hop group 40 Watt Hype, performer of Mozart on solo bass guitar, and Warped Tour veteran, David’s perception of normality seems to emanate from the absurd.

So what do you get when you mix Dixieland, Mozart and Hip-Hop? You get one artist that conveys not the three styles, but a performer with an indiscriminate original songbook that suggests the “lions” at this musical circus are really just purring kittens; Political lyrics about blue donkeys in a swimming pool. Break up songs about an amputee’s gloves. Made-up vocabulary derived from pop culture, and tuba superstars. All make for an entertaining visual while David explores the everyday subject matter which makes him a human above an accomplished musician.

So while Jamie Cullum plays his revamped jazz standards, Les Claypool lets his imagination conduct the mayhem, and classical-era composers are turning in their graves, David Hull is taking note. Breaking boundaries, being young, wild and eager to test limits, David is an artist of high musical caliber, turning audiences on their ears to the effect of great, if not circus like entertainment