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A native of Fresno, Michael Miller is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, equally and home in styles from jazz standards to pop. Mike plays both drums and keyboards, and also is a composer. He performs regularly at local dinner houses and at private functions.

"I started playing drums in the 1960's, practicing in the family garage. We lived out in the country back then. I went to a Catholic grammar school and the bus would pick up me and my sister everyday. When we got home in the afternoons I can remember asking the driver to wait a few minutes and opening the garage door and giving my friends on the bus a drum solo till the driver had to go." "My father worked in the radio/tv business and I was always exposed to artists, mostly jazz, and media people. I can remember when we moved from the country to town, about 1966 and starting high school. There I was exposed to some of the players that worked around town. I used to see them all the time at the radio station where they would promote their gigs. As time went on I began to sing along with the records, and play along on the drums with earphones. thats how I learned to play in the first place, but never wanted to sing really. I got together with some guys, I don't remember how we met, but we started a group called "The New Group". We played around for a while, added a girl singer and went into a studio to do some demos. We did a couple covers and an original based on "Song For My Father." I still have the tapes! I can remember doing some things for Robert Kennedy right before he was killed. At that time we joined up with a singing group called "The Expressions." It was four guys that sang, and the band. We had a lot of fun and lasted for quite a while."

After that I played around for a while, until I met Ed Burke. I don't even know how we met. I know he had been playing for a while. We've been playing together ever since in different variations. In the 1970's I took off with some friends from here and one of the members of the Santana band. That was fun but it didn't last long, and I came back to Fresno for a while, worked at my father's radio station and other stations in town, playing at night. Then I moved to Monterey and played there for a while and worked at a radio station there. I loved it there. I played with a lot of artists as a sideman in those days. I moved back to Fresno in the late 1970's, got married and got back together with Ed Burke. We played for a while at different venues around Fresno and the Valley.

In the late 1970's I met Robert Taylor and Lee Garrett. They were writing for Barry White and some other artists at A&M Records and Island Records. We worked together producing demos and writing for various artists. I met and worked with quite a few artists during that time. In the 1980's Ernie Perez and his brother were putting an act together to so some hotel chains and resorts. We used to drive to San Francisco every couple days to rehearse. We finally took off and did a lot of 5 and 6 night a week hotel and resort chains in California and Nevada. I did that with a band earlier in the 1970's, mostly in Nevada. We lasted quite a while. After that I came back to Fresno and again got together with Burke. Ernie joined us and we've been together ever since. I've been working as a single act lately, keyboard/vocals, as well as drums/vocals with the guys. I'm currently working steady at various dinner houses around the area as well as at the coast, writing a lot and also playing private events. A couple years ago my father joined 90.7 KFSR doing a Friday morning jazz show, and in 2009, I joined the station doing a jazz program Friday afternoons from 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM.  We might be the only father/son team on the air in this area.

I've done many things between and throughout these times, like racing cars, training horses, and other stuff, but music has always been my mainstay. To get the rest of the story you'll just have to get the book when it comes out, and thanks for the time.

Michael Anthony Miller

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