Jazz @ the Library - Jenna Mammina & Rolf Sturm


and the Fresno County Public Libraries host (free and open to the public) Jazz at the Library, Tuesday, March 15, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at the Woodward Park Regional County Library located at 944 E. Perrin Ave. (Champlain & Perrin).

This month will feature the music of vocalist Jenna Mammina & guitarist Rolf Sturm, in an intimate duet setting.

Jenna & Rolf first met in NYC at the very end of 1995 in a rehearsal for a rock orchestra called “Illuminati”. It was a 20 piece ensemble that was focused on the music of the Grateful Dead. The band toured the United States and Canada, recording and touring with a of couple members from the Grateful Dead (featuring many special guests along the way). Jenna & Rolf performed for a few years together in Illuminati and appeared on 3 of the band’s recordings.

During this time period, Jenna & Rolf talked about putting a duo together…. “someday”. But time passed and they both went on to have successful, independent careers. In January of 2014, Jenna came to NYC for a music conference and the two had tea to catch up on what they’d each been up to over the years. They decided that “someday” had arrived. Jenna returned to New York in June, they played their first gig together in 18 years, and went into the recording studio the next day. They recorded twelve tunes in a day and a half and then played a few more gigs in the NYC area, laying plans for making the duo a permanent ensemble. The recording they made, entitled “Spark”, was released in 2015. It is receiving nationwide radio play and the two have been touring almost every month since its release. They are happy to be performing so much and audiences are unanimous, this is a very special pairing.