On November 30th, 2006, Armen Nalbandian will present a new ensemble named “Balance” at the Fresno Art Museum’s Rhythms of Art Concert Series. Nalbandian has written an entirely new book of music especially for this ensemble, which features the following:

Armen Nalbandian: Fender Rhodes, Percussion
Kevin Hill: Bass, Tuba
Brian Hamada: Drums, Percussion
Andre Bush: Guitar
Tommy Delgado: Percussion, Guitar
Nino Moschella: Percussion, Vocals, Guitar, etc.
Paul Luckessi: Woodwinds
Michael Aguilar: Percussion, Harmonica
Kevin McDonald: Bass

2233 N. First Street Fresno, CA 93703
Between McKinley and Clinton at Radio Park
Phone: (559) 441-4221